About Us

The Tribe

Plain Green is a tribal lending entity wholly owned by the Chippewa Cree Tribe of the Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation, Montana – a federally recognized sovereign nation located within the United States of America – and is operating within the Tribe's Reservation. The tribe was established by Congressional Action September 7, 1916 and is located near Box Elder, Montana where the Chippewa Cree Tribe still resides today.

The Tribe oversees the business operations of Plain Green with the goal of funding governmental services, jobs, economic development, and bringing long-term economic stability to the Chippewa Cree Tribe. Online lending and loan management is a serious business governed by internal regulatory policies, Plain Credit Opportunity, Electronic Fund Transfer, Fair Credit Reporting, and other mandated requirements.

New business ventures, including lending via the Internet, have allowed the tribe to better care for its people and community. Revenue generated from Plain Green has provided tribal members with countless opportunities including:

  • Elder assistance
  • Education
  • Wellness and medical programs

The Product

Plain Green is committed to providing installment loans that serve our customers when they need it most. Consumers need a safe solution to turn to in times of need. That’s where we come in. Our customers appreciate the flexibility and simplicity of Plain Green, and often use Plain Green as an emergency solution to avoid more costly forms of credit, such as bounced checks or overdraft fees.