Plain Green VIP Rewards

At Plain Green, we realize you may not have a lot of options to get cash quickly. Plain Green VIP Rewards is a customer appreciation program, that literally rewards you for making successful payments and staying with Plain Green as your preferred lender.

Make successful payments, build a long-term relationship with Plain Green, and not only will you increase your ability to raise your credit limit, you can also lower the cost (the APR) of your loans.

Time and time again, we’ve heard customers say, “I’m a good customer, I want to be rewarded!” We listened.

You can build credit with every loan you successfully repay* and achieve higher rewards tiers to earn:

Larger loan amounts!

Better rates!

Lower payments!

Plain Green VIP Returning Customer Reward Tiers

Silver Tier

Gold Tier

Platinum Tier

Titanium Tier

Emerald Tier

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